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 OKAY SO HERE GOES! (wish me luck with the LJ cut)
So I hope this works! Brian and I have been working with my Droid and my laptop since 6:45 (it's now 8:10) and my solution was to email myself the damned pictures that I took on my Droid because we couldn't figure out how to upload them into the computer, or download them, or whatever. Now it's just a matter of figuring out how to get the pictures from my email to here, hmmm. I see the thingy that says insert/edit image, so that seems to be what I would do. That's if LJ is intuitive. The Droid, and Droid support? Not so much. Everything else in computer-land that I've dealt with? Not so much. Have I dealt with Macs? No. Oh. And since every other time I post I can't do an LJ cut, I declare LJ not intuitive either. Ahhhh, well.
So. Jackson, our new pup. We got him on Dec. 16, from FurryFriendsNetwork, a local no kill rescue organization. They don't have a physical shelter; they just rescue dogs from kill shelters and bad situations and foster them out until they are adopted. Jackson came to them from Kentucky, where most of the shelters are kill shelters. When he was about 4 months old (or 7 months, depending on the vet) he wandered into a trailer park and was attacked by some chained up dogs that he tried to make friends with. He was rescued by some kind-hearted folks who took him to the nearest vet and had him patched up and then sent him up north to FurryFriends because they knew FF was a no-kill rescue. From there I learned of him on the internet. FFN is local and uses my vet as its vet of choice. I had looked at dogs before on FFN's site. Jackson (or Nickie, as he was called in Kentucky) just caught my eye. His foster mom raved about his personality, and after Tie's difficulties, I needed a dog with a gentle, sweet, loving personality. Tie still breaks my heart. I tried so hard to give him a good life, but I think he was only at peace when we finally had him put down. And that is very painful to me. Anyway. Jackson is a doll baby. He loves people. He loves dogs. Even though he was attacked by dogs. He will cross the road to meet people. Someone said that was a change from Tie, but I said not really, Tie would cross the road for people, too...er.
Jackson is part hound, definitely. If you look up redbone coonhound on the internet, that is what he looks like, other than his ears (too short) and his size (too small, so far). His bay is definitely all hound. His face (his mask) usually prompts people to ask if he's part Shepherd, but really we have no idea. But that bay is proof that he is part hound. Now Zeus is part hound too, but is harder to pin down. Anyway, I don't have too much experience with hounds. The breed site on the internet says redbones are sensitive, and you have to be careful when training them so as not to hurt their feelings. Jackson is enrolled in his Level I obedience class, and I'm getting the feeling that what that means is that you actually give them two chances instead of just one before you get out the baseball bat. Just sayin'. I guess Tie spoiled me. Except for that "I'm gonna eat everyone I don't like and that means everyone but you and 11 other people." thing, Tie was the easiest dog I ever trained. Ever. Anything I ever asked, he would do. He was smart. It took minimal explanation. Minimal time. He was an agility dog. He could crawl, jump, go through tunnels, climb, balance, hold my hand (adorable!), push a ball, anything. Jackson? Well, um, he's young yet, and he'll do a lot for food...just don't ask him to stay. Okay, enough talking. Now to try AGAIN for the pictures! Click on dqbunny's LINKS for the pictures! THANK YOU DQBUNNY!


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